Two belts in one week!

Alex Pereira One Ups Adesanya Again, Awarded BJJ Brown Belt

It’s been a good week for Alex “Poatan” Pereira, who earned a second belt after winning the middleweight strap - this time, his BJJ brown belt.

By Timothy James | November 17, 2022

Alex “Poatan” Pereira is on top of the world right now - continuing his lifelong trend of one-upping Israel Adesanya. After knocking Adesanya out in the final round of their championship fight at UFC 281 last Saturday, Pereira was awarded his brown belt in BJJ from his coach Plinio Cruz.

Pereira’s now beaten Adesanya 3 times in combat sports - twice in kickboxing (including a knockout) and now in MMA. The cherry on top? Adesanya is a purple belt in BJJ - one ranking below brown belt. No matter the sport, “Poatan” stays one step ahead of “Stylebender.”

After awarding Pereira his brown belt, coach Plinio Cruz stated “he used jiu-jitsu to survive. He survived and in the end, he stood on his feet and knocked the guy out … because of that, I believe and our coaches believe that we want to reward him with a brown belt.”

Despite the advancements in his grappling, there are those who believe the fight against Adesanya showed massive holes in Pereira’s ground game - ones that will be exploited in the future.

In fact, hot take specialist Brandon Schaub believes that Pereira’s reign as middleweight kingpin will be short-lived. He stated on his UFC 281 post-fight show that any of the top 5 contenders at 185 could beat “Poatan” with wrestling.

There’s no denying that Pereira has made tremendous strides in his grappling. He’s become UFC champion after only 7 MMA fights - an incredible achievement - and has been training with Glover Texeira to improve his wrestling and submission game. Others have recognized this and thrown water on the idea that any grappler is going to run through Pereira.

What do you think? Did Pereira’s performance warrant the brown belt reward? How does he stack up against the top grapplers at middleweight?

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