Is Andrew Tate Preparing for a New Fight?

Andrew Tate was seen sparring in Abu Dhabi before UFC 280 - will he fight again? Here are potential opponents.

By Timothy James | November 3, 2022

Love him or hate him - Andrew Tate gets people to tune in. The question on everyone’s mind: is Tate planning to fight again? Sparring footage from a few weeks ago and a slew of recent callouts seem to imply yes. Here are the most likely opponents for Tate.

Logan Paul

Logan Paul has had his sight set on an Andrew Tate fight for a while. With his younger brother Jake Paul fresh off the heels of a decision victory over Anderson Silva in boxing, Logan is itching to get back in action.

Paul recently called for the Tate fight - but not in a boxing ring. During an appearance in the TimboSugarShow, Logan proposed a different kind of fight. “Why don’t we do something neither of us have done? An MMA fight between me and Tate in the UFC,” Logan said. “Me vs. Tate in the Octagon. I am giving him options!”

Tate doesn’t seem as keen on the bout as Logan, criticizing the elder Paul brother in a statement released through his publicist. “Logan keeps using my name for headlines to try and further his relevancy … he knows that my skills and expertise in any ring are unmatched by him,” Tate stated.

However, Tate was quick to praise the younger Paul, stating “his brother Jake, even though we haven’t always seen eye to eye, has been changing the boxing industry for the better.” The compliments beg the question…

Jake Paul

Jake Paul recently revealed that he was disappointed in the PPV performance of his bout against Anderson Silva. Paul is a divisive figure in the combat sports world, and only one man might be more derided - Andrew Tate. A showdown between the two controversial figures might be the PPV success Paul is looking for.

There have been no formal callouts from either side, but after Jake’s victory over Anderson Silva, rumors immediately began circulating that a Tate fight could be next. One thing’s for sure - if these two do wind up fighting, there will be a lot of people hoping for a double knockout.

True Geordie

Tensions between podcaster True Geordie and Andrew Tate have been brewing for a while now, with Geordie having criticized the former kickboxer for his views on women - calling the women who work for Tate “wh***s”. The bad blood has come to a boil - with Tate officially calling True Geordie out for a fight.

Tate told Rob Moore that “True Geordie is a fat f**k and needs to get destroyed by me, but he’s scared.” Tate later went on to flip the accusations of misogyny back on Geordie, stating “he had a deep hatred for women and I identified that. He obviously shut up a little bit after that.”

While True Geordie focuses on a lot of combat sports content on his channel, he has never competed in fighting. A bout between the two is unlikely to happen - unless Tate can provoke the podcaster to lace up the gloves and meet him in the ring.

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