As Alex Morono Fights Mickey Gall in The UFC Welterweight Main Event, Who Will You Bet On?

As Alex Morono Fights Mickey Gall in The UFC Welterweight Main Event, Who Will You Bet On?

December 6, 2021

Come Saturday, December 4; we will watch Alex Morono take on Mickey Gall in the UFC Vegas 44 card. The two will fight it out in the Octagon for a chance to add another win to their victories. Who will you be putting your money on come Saturday? 

Alex Morono a.k.a “The Great White,” weighs 170lbs and holds a 20–7–0 record. The 31–year old fighter is 5’11” tall and stretches 72″. The fierce fighter is known for his quick strikes and powerful kicks. 

Mickey Gall is a younger fighter and holds a record of 7–3–0 with a weight of 170lbs although taller than Alex, towering 6’2″.  The 29-year-old fighter stretches 74″. 

The opening line for the Saturday fight has Morono priced at -220 while Gall holds +180 points. 

The Saturday fight will be fierce as the two opponents would need the win to push their careers forward and lead them higher in the welterweight rankings. 

Alex Morono is a fierce and fast striker with a record of 5.14 strikes per minute. He also lands about 42% of all his significant strikes. Alex Gall is not as fast as Morono and can deliver on average 2.60 strikes every minute and connect about 46% of each strike. Although Alex is not as fast as Morono, we may expect to see some thrilling kicks and punches from him.

The fight will be bloody, that is for sure and we can’t say with any certainty who will deal more punches. Alex Morono has an excellent defensive game, and we would see that play out on Saturday. He can curb at least 56% of the significant strikes directed at him and takes just 3.89 significant strikes per minute. Gall is no less a defender himself as he can stop about 44% of the strikes that come his way. 

We may not get to see a thrilling wrestling skill from “The Great White” as he is not an excellent wrestler and can only throw his opponents on the mats on average of 0.38 times for every three rounds of a fight. Morono has just a 25% chance of taking his opponents down in every attempt, a little bit low, and we hope to see something more superb come Saturday. On the other hand, Gall has a higher chance of 28% of all of his take-down attempts. 

As regards winning by submission, Morono is not all that skillful, and he has only won six of his 20 fights via submission. He makes a poor attempt of an average of 0.4 submissions after every 15 minutes.  Gall is more skillful in submission and has won six out of seven games via submission and just one by decision. He is very good at winning via submission and attempts about 2.4 submissions after every three rounds. 

In the weekend fight, Mickey Gall has boasted of his confidence to defeat Alex Morono. He has had an impressive career losing just three games and winning 7. He had defeated Mike Jackson, CM Punk, and Sage Northcutt in his earlier fighting but have not maintained a winning streak. He’d lost to Randy Brown, Diego Sanchez, and Mike Perry. His last fight against Jordan Williams at UFC Vegas 32 in July was an impressive win for him as he got a victory via submission, and he plans to grab his second win this Saturday when he faces Morono. 

Gall had trained in a fighting camp and has said that he had good training at the camp which have prepared him for his fight against Morono on Saturday. He had admitted ” that Morono doesn’t look like a killer, but is definitely a killer.” He believes that he is a “badder and bigger killer,” and feels good about winning the fight on Saturday. 

When asked if he feels he could win the fight on Saturday, he mentioned that he believes his hands will be raised either through a knockout or a submission. Either way, he has said that come Saturday, viewers should expect him to deal damages to Morono. In his words:

“I see me bashing my bones into his skull; cracking him with big, heavy shots, concussive blows. I could submit him; I could knock him out. Wherever the fight goes, I’m just gonna go in there and be me; just do what I do.”

Morono’s last fight was also fierce as he went head-on with Zawada in a brutal fight that had ended with a win for Morono via a Unanimous decision after the third round. Morono had landed 96 of the total 219 strikes he delivered and also landed 42% of his significant strikes after hitting 90 of the total 213 strikes. He completed 81 of the total 200 strikes aimed at Zawada’s head. 

We might be expecting a repeat of this action from Morono on Saturday. All through the fighter’s UFC career, he has shown great prospect, and from his last wins and his fighting skills, it may prove that the fighter is ready to move to the next stage in the welterweight rankings. 

Gall vs. Morono fight will come in as the second fight on the UFC Vegas 44 card, right after the Bantamweight contest between Louis Smolka and Vince Morales. 

In conclusion, a lot has been said about the Morono vs. Gall fight, and both fighters have expressed their optimism to win the fight. So, maybe now, you have an idea where your bet would go from the little stats and analysis we have provided so far. So, it doesn’t matter if you are looking forward to Morono winning or you’d be happy to see Gall’s hand raised at the end of the fight, one thing is for sure: come Saturday, we’ll be witnessing one of the best UFC fights, and whether the fight goes in any direction, one thing remains certain: you’d be well entertained at the end of the fight.  


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