Timothy JamesTimothy James
March 18, 2023

Austin Trout has his eyes set on settling the score with Canelo Alvarez – in the BKFC!

Austin Trout had a legendary career in boxing – but is expanding into the next evolution of the sport, with intentions of introducing Canelo Alvarez to bare knuckle fighting. Of course, he’s got a challenge in front of him – former UFC veteran Diego Sanchez.

Inside Fighting’s Andrew Capucetti got a chance to talk shop with Trout, asking him how he feels about his February 17th BKFC debut and his plans after the fight.

“He’s a tough cookie,” Trout said of Diego Sanchez. “Diego is known for his durability. But I don’t think he’s ever been hit by a boxer … I think I’m going to stop him.”

It’s a transition for both Trout and Sanchez – one from boxing and one from MMA. Trout respects what Diego accomplished in the Octagon, but thinks his boxing background gives him a huge advantage going into their fight.

“Learn how to move that head, player!” Trout advised Sanchez.

Trout isn’t underestimating Sanchez, but had big aspirations for his BKFC career – setting a goal of becoming champion in 2023. “I’ll be bare knuckle champ, real quick!” Trout stated.

The BKFC has made a big splash in the combat sports world since coming onto the scene in 2018 – continuing to expand their roster by bringing in big names from boxing and MMA. Could it be possible that they could entice Canelo Alvarez to come into the sport for a rematch against Austin Trout?

“Ooh, if I could get that rematch in bare knuckle,” an amped up Trout exclaimed. “Run that back, player! For sure!” Whether or not the BKFC could offer Canelo enough of a payday to enter bare knuckle remains to be seen, but Trout would love for it to happen. “I hope so!” he stated.

Despite his plans to become a champion in BKFC, Trout doesn’t consider himself retired from boxing. “I would love to be a two-time WBA world champion,” Trout said. “This bare knuckle, I’m very excited, I’m focused on it. We’ll see what happens after this fight, but I still have plans to become a world champion in the boxing.”


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