Cain Velasquez to Appear in Lucha Libre, House Arrest Temporarily Waived

Cain Velasquez is awaiting trial for attempted premeditated murder - but was given permission to participate in an upcoming pro wrestling event.

By Timothy James | November 22, 2022

Cain Velasquez returns to the world of pro-wrestling, despite being on house arrest. A judge allowed the former UFC heavyweight champion to partake in the upcoming Lucha Libre Worldwide event happening in Tempe, Arizona on December 3rd.

Velasquez made his first appearance with Lucha Libre Worldwide after retiring from the UFC in 2019. He followed up his foray into the world of pro-wrestling with a short-lived stint in the WWE.

Cain will be allowed to cross state lines, but will have to pay for a cop-detail at his expense. Velasquez is currently out on bail after spending 8-months in jail. He’s staring down 7 charges - included premeditated attempted murder - after allegedly shooting at a car that contained Harry Goularte, the man who stands accused of molesting Cain’s 4-year-old son.

The MMA community has been outspoken in their support of Cain since the news broke about the alleged molestation incident. The news that Velasquez will be able to participate in a pro-wrestling event will be a promising sign for many who hope that Cain is found not guilty.

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