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March 18, 2023

UFC legend Chuck “Iceman” Liddell thinks he’d make easy work of Jake Paul – and so would Nate Diaz.

Chuck Liddell has been game to box Jake Paul for a while – but now that Paul is signed with the PFL and planning on MMA, will the showdown actually happen? Chuck doesn’t think Jake has what it takes.

“Come on, he doesn’t want to fight me in MMA,” Liddell told Inside Fighting’s Andrew Capucetti. “He doesn’t want to fight me at all.”

Jake Paul has been criticized for fighting retired MMA stars who are older, and Chuck would be the oldest yet. The Iceman says he’s retired – but that wouldn’t stop him from signing a deal to fight Jake Paul.

“For sure,” Liddell replied when asked if he’d sign for an MMA showdown against Jake. “If he’s offering enough money, yeah, sure.”

Of course, the name Jake Paul has been vying for is Nate Diaz. Chuck Liddell’s assessment? Diaz derails the Jake Paul hype train – handily. “I’m taking Nate,” Liddell stated. “Nate’s too tough for him … in boxing, too. Nate can punch, man. He’s a puncher and he knows how to box … Nate 2-0 for sure, man.”


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