Clippers Star Terance Mann Makes Surprise Visit at Summer Kids Camp

By Tudor Leonte  |  July 15, 2022  |  No Comments

It may be the offseason for NBA players at the moment, but that isn’t stopping Terance Mann from doing his part in giving back to the community.

The Los Angeles Clippers star rolled up to Camp Yavneh Extreme in the LA hub of Hancock Park on Friday, where he surprised a group of boys enjoying their summer sports camp.

Mann, who has made it a point to visit a different day camp each week this summer, wanted to leave a positive lasting impression on those in attendance by taking photos with each individual camper, signing autographs, and sharing some important words of wisdom.

The NBA star told the kids he’s incredibly grateful and that it was his dream to play in the NBA, but he loves most the opportunity to get up every morning and go to work. He also expressed the importance of never giving up on your studies and that school will always be the most important thing.

The thing I love about the NBA is it's my dream so I'm having a lot of fun doing it. I wake up every day, happy to go into the office and work.

If that wasn’t enough, Terance capped off the day by putting on a dunk display, and of course, the kids loved it.

Mann signed a two-year extension last season with the Clippers, who recently acquired John Wall and are preparing for a title run this upcoming season.

You’re the man, Terance.

You can check the photos from the event in the gallery here below.

[Credits: Article written by Jesse Rowe]

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