Conor McGregor Says Usman Made Mistake Bringing Daughter to UFC 278

By Timothy James  |  August 23, 2022  |  No Comments

“I do not suggest bringing family whatsoever. Especially the children.” - Conor McGregor tweet during the aftermath of Kamaru Usman’s knockout loss at UFC 278.

An image of Kamaru Usman’s traumatized daughter has been making the rounds across social media after she witnessed the devastating knockout of her father in the 5th round of his fight against Leon Edwards.

It’s a heart wrenching image, indicative of just how brutal the sport of MMA can be. It prompted Irish superstar Conor McGregor to share his thoughts, hitting close to home for the father of 3 children himself. In the tweet McGregor states, “I’ve done both sides of this and feel going to the mission solo is best.”

It’s something Conor went through as recently as his last fight, where he broke his leg in the first round against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. Leading up to the bout, McGregor told Nick Walshaw "Keep the family away. I don't need to have to zig-zag in between wanting to kill a man and cuddling my children and giving them bottles in the night."

Former champion Kamaru Usman was known for bringing his daughter to every bout, being a proud family man. He often talked about his plans to retire sooner rather than later, so he could spend more time with his daughter.

After the conclusion of UFC 278, Usman shared an image of himself with his daughter, thanking his supporters.

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