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Cris Cyborg ‘Sad’ Ronda Rousey Quit MMA After Losses, Wants to See Comeback

By Timothy James  |  September 6, 2022  |  1 Comment

Cris Cyborg says Ronda Rousey shouldn’t have retired from MMA after suffering back-to-back losses, believing that she should come back and end her career with a win. “I think it’s sad, when [Rousey] lost, she stopped fighting. [She] went to WWE.”

For casual MMA fans, the name that comes to mind when they think about women’s MMA is Ronda Rousey. However, for OG fans of the sport, the woman who reigned longest at the top of the sport is Cris Cyborg.

Inside Fighting’s Andrew Capucetti got a chance to talk with Cris Cyborg as she trains for her upcoming boxing debut against Simone Silva on September 25th in her hometown of Curitiba, Brazil, asking the legend what she made of Ronda Rousey being on Dana White’s top 5 fighters list.

“I think it’s sad, when [Ronda Rousey] lost, she stopped fighting” - Cris Cyborg responded when asked about Ronda Rousey’s legacy. “Even when you lose, you can come back and overcome your struggles.”

Despite there having been bad blood between Cyborg and Rousey in the past, Cris isn’t talking trash. Far from it - she has nothing but respect for Ronda and wants to see her reclaim some of the glory that “Rowdy” had when she was UFC champion.

“She did great. She was UFC champion. Now she’s in WWE, doing great, too,” Cyborg said. “Maybe she’s coming back … it would be great for her [story] … I heard her say maybe she’ll come back to fight Gina Carano.”

Despite the enthusiasm for a “Rowdy” comeback, a showdown between her and Ronda isn’t on Cyborg’s radar. “I don’t think it’s ever going to happen,” Cyborg replied when asked if she’d be interested in a Rousey fight. “At the time it was supposed to happen, she didn’t want [the fight], so I don’t want to think about … something [I] can’t control.”

Cyborg is currently training for her first ever venture inside a boxing ring, with sights on a potential mega-fight with Irish boxer Katie Taylor. She’s gotten support from legendary woman boxer Mia St. John, who even offered to help train Cyborg.

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