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Dilano Taylor Sees Knocking out and Retiring Rory MacDonald like 'the Passing of the Torch'

By Tudor Leonte  |  August 16, 2022  |  No Comments

Dilano Taylor shocked the world last weekend when he knocked out Rory MacDonald in the Professional Fighters League semifinals. Taylor (10-2, 3-1 PFL) made the most out of a last-minute opportunity when he was asked to substitute Magomed Umalatov, who couldn't get a visa to enter the United Kingdom. This way, Taylor found himself competing in the tournament semifinals even though he lost to 2021 PFL Season runner-up Magomed Magomedkerimov in July.

The American finished "The Red King" within the opening frame thanks to a series of vicious punches. First, Taylor caught MacDonald with a right hand that immediately dropped his foe on the canvas. Since "The Postman" always rings twice, Taylor followed up with more hammerfists until the referee jumped in to save MacDonald. The official time indicated the 3:59 mark of Round 1. After the fight, MacDonald announced that he was hanging the four-once gloves and left no open doors for his return. In an exclusive interview with InsideFighting's Andrew Capucetti, Taylor said it's time for the new generation to replace the old guard.

"I view that fight maybe like the passing of the torch. Rory was 25 years old when he fought Robby Lawler. I'm 25 years old when I fought Rory MacDonald, the best version of himself at the time and currently the best version of himself. I don't want anybody to take away anything from him as a fighter because Rory MacDonald's still Rory MacDonald. He's a dangerous, dangerous individual. I just understand, and I've come to the conclusion that it's my time right now. My time and it's my obligation to uphold to myself the standards in which I feel are adequate for me, a lot of the postman, you know? That's how I feel about that."

There is no bad blood between Taylor and MacDonald, and even though "The Postman" used to look up to his Canadian foe growing up, business is business, and it had to be taken care of. After the fight, the pair had a moment where Taylor expressed his admiration for "The Red King."

"I talked to him a bit after the fight tell him that it was really truly an honor to share the cage with him. I really respect him, and I was a really big fan of him on my way coming up. I wanted to let him know that, and I did let him know that. I'm glad that we had the opportunity to fight each other."

Now, Taylor can focus on the tournament finale and the much-coveted $1 million prize. On Nov. 25, "The Postman" will have to overcome Sadibou Sy in a five-round championship clash. His next opponent earned his spot in the finale after upending Carlos Leal on all scorecards. Even so, Taylor wasn't impressed by his adversary's performance.

"I see it going with me getting my hand raised. I see myself going out there and not leaving any of my tools behind. I've had fights where I've been so geared towards only wrestling or only striking that I would forget that I have other tools like that. I'm a mixed martial artist and very well-rounded. So this fight, I'm just gonna make sure I go out there and bring everything that I have, all my tools, swinging for my hood if I had to."

If Taylor wins, he is considering spending some money on some beautiful Florida real estate.

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