Gervonta Davis Fulfills 7th Round KO Prediction, Stops Ryan Garcia with Liver Shot

Gervonta Davis Fulfills 7th Round KO Prediction, Stops Ryan Garcia with Liver Shot

Timothy JamesTimothy James
April 22, 2023

“Tank” Davis keeps his perfect record intact – and adds another knockout to his legendary ledger.

Someone’s 0 had to go – and Gervonta Davis wasn’t going to let Ryan Garcia take his. After predicting that he’d finish Garcia in the 7th round, he did exactly that – with a picture-perfect hook to the liver.

Make no mistake – it was a competitive fight. Ryan Garcia had his moments, but the power of “Tank” proved the difference. Davis was the first to score a knockdown – capturing the attention of boxing GOAT Floyd Mayweather, who watched the fight ringside.

Ryan Garcia suffered his first loss in boxing – but was all class during his ringside interview after the bout.

“Tank is a great fighter,” Garcia stated. “We talked a lot of [expletive] coming up in here, but he knows what it is. It’s all love at the end of the day. I was honored to be in the ring with a great fighter and I respect him a lot.”

When asked about the fight ending punch, Garcia simply responded, “he caught me with a good shot. I don’t want to make no excuses … I just couldn’t recover.”

Garcia moves to 23-1 with 19 KOs in his career – and at only 24 years old, he is still one of the most talented and promising boxers in the lightweight division. Expect a big bounce-back from the young Golden Boy product.

As for “Tank,” the self-proclaimed “face of boxing” feels like his work is just getting started.

“The job’s never done until I retire,” Davis stated in his post-fight interview. “I’m going to keep my head down, stay humble, and continue to work.”

Even though Davis chooses to remain humble, he does have bragging rights – correctly picking the round in which he’d stop Ryan Garcia. When asked about his previous predictions of a 7th round finish, “Tank” stated “it was just me trying to get into [Garcia’s] head.”

Davis improves his impressive record to 29-0 with an incredible 27 KOs.


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