GSP’s MMA Mount Rushmore Has Seven Heads, Doesn't Include Ronda Rousey nor Fedor Emelianenko

By Tudor Leonte  |  September 2, 2022  |  No Comments

Georges St-Pierre has picked up his mixed martial arts GOATs.

"Rush" St-Pierre never shied away from a challenge, and he lived up to his reputation during a recent Q&A with fans at UFC Paris. When one of the attendees asked the former UFC two-division champion to pick up the names he would put on the MMA Mount Rushmore, St-Pierre listed several A-listers. but excluded some highly decorated fighters.

“It’s a good question. I put Royce Gracie first because he did stuff in the beginning that nobody had ever done. I will cheat because I have to put in more than four. I would put Amanda Nunes, even though she has not retired, because she’s the best female fighter that’s ever lived. Khabib, because he had a perfect career, undefeated – an incredible career. I would put Conor McGregor, also, because he brought the sport to a different level.”

As promised, GSP didn't stop at four. The MMA legend added three more names, three former UFC champions. Interestingly, he left out Russian heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko and former UFC women's bantamweight titleholder Ronda Rousey, a couple of names considered by many the GOATs of their divisions.

“I would put Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, and Demetrious Johnson for their performances,” GSP concluded.

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