Dat Nguyen

'Be Dat' On Fighting Luis Palomino - Inside Fighting Ep #19

Insider access to Dat's fight with Luis Palomino and bold words made about Conor McGregor

By Robbie Clark | November 20, 2021

Our special guest, Dat Be Dat Nguyen, will be covering what happened inside the ring with Luis Palomino. After that, he will be sharing some bold words about Conor McGregor so be sure to stay tuned for that!

Raufeon Stots thinks Danny Sabatello talks a big game - but won’t be able to back it up when they fight at Bellator 289 on December 9th. Inside Fighting’s Andrew Capucetti got a chance to sit down with Stots, who says Sabatello tries to hype up what he’s going to do in the cage, only to try to hang on to his opponent’s back to win rounds.

“It’s just a facade,” Stots told Capucetti. “He [doesn’t] even want to wrestle, really. He wants to get to your back and hang on and win a round.” Stots - who is a two-time NCAA wrestling champion - is confident Sabatello isn’t going to implement his lay-and-pray gameplan.

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Liver, testicles, and a boatload of juice. Just not the same secret juice Paulo Costa drinks.

A day after a video by “More Plates More Dates” revealed that the Liver King was taking various steroids, the Liver King (real name Brian Johnson) responded in the only way that made sense - with an apology.

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It’s the James Krause effect. Casinos and online gambling platforms operating in Ontario, Canada have been put on notice - betting on UFC fights is now a no-go.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) released a statement earlier today that all wagers on UFC fights were to be halted due to concerns over “betting integrity requirements.”

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