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March 18, 2023

“If he gets into a boxing ring with me, I guarantee you, he’s going to the hospital.” – Jake Shields on Mike Jackson.

“He deserves to have a couple broken arms, a broken nose!”

Jake Shields thinks Mike Jackson needs to learn a lesson – the hard way – and he’d like to be the one who takes him to class. Shields and Jackson had been feuding on Twitter for years, culminating in an altercation between the two at the UFC’s Performance Institute last week. Based on the viral video, Shields got the better of Jackson in the exchange – but it wasn’t enough to settle the score.

In an exclusive interview with Inside Fighting’s Andrew Capucetti, Shields shared his version of events – and why he still wants to lay hands on Mike Jackson.

“[Jackson] had been calling me a Nazi online thinking it’s like, funny,” Shields explained. “That ain’t no laughing matter. That’s defamation of my character … I think that’s fighting words. I think he deserved to get hit.”

Shields claims the altercation would have ended with words had Jackson not mouthed off as Jake was walking away. “I go to walk off … and then he goes, ‘you’re a Nazi scum,’” Shields stated as he recounted his timeline of the altercation. “So I run over there, he threw a hook on me. I grabbed him, threw him on the ground like the little b***h he is.”

Things have only escalated from there – with Jackson threatening to sue Shields for assault. In turn, Shields has said he’ll file a countersuit for defamation. Things haven’t exactly been cordial on Twitter, either.

“I’ve never been racist in life. I despise racists,” Shields continued. “For someone to sit there and accuse me of [being a] racist, some of the people I hate the most, when he’s the actual racist, it’s disgusting. And he deserves to get punched in the face.”

Despite his strong belief that Jackson got what he deserved (perhaps even getting off a bit easy), Shields does regret putting the UFC Performance Institute in a precarious position. “I did mess up [in the] PI, I’m not going to say I didn’t,” Shields explained. “I shouldn’t have gotten in a fight at the [PI] … I made a mistake there, I owe them an apology. It’s possible I’ll be banned from there.”

While Shields believes things can be smoothed over amicably with the UFC Performance Institute, he’d like to handle things with Jackson the old fashioned way. “I would like to put him in the hospital, but it’s not worth it because of the lawsuit,” Shields responded when asked about what’s going to happen the next time he runs into Jackson. “I hope he gets in a boxing ring. Because if I get him in a boxing ring and [he] signs a waiver, I’m going to put him in the hospital.”

“He’s about to find out the hard way if he’s not careful” was Jakes’ final message to Jackson.


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