Jiri Prochazka vs. Glover Teixeira 2 Targeted to Headline UFC 282

By Timothy James  |  August 12, 2022  |  No Comments

Jiri Prochazka is targeted to defend his belt for the first time against the man he took it from, Glover Texeira, at UFC 282 in December.

There were many elements that factored into the magic that was the main event of UFC 275. After years of relative stagnation in the UFC Light Heavyweight division, there were finally some new names in the mix, bringing along some incredibly compelling storylines.

The champion was a man nobody expected to become champion at that point in his career. At 41 years old, the odds were stacked against Glover Teixeira when he challenged Jan Blachowicz for the light heavyweight strap at UFC 267. And yet, against all notions of conventional wisdom, the grizzled veteran was crowned champion for the first time.

A true Cinderella man story, Teixeira was finally crowned champion after 20 UFC fights (including a previous title fight loss to Jon Jones 8 years earlier at UFC 172) at the ripe age of 41. It’s a feel good story every MMA diehard can appreciate.

His first challenger arose quickly, on the complete opposite spectrum of things. Instead of an aging grappler with tons of notches on his belt, the man who would be vying for Teixeira’s belt was a young striker only two fights deep into his UFC career.

Jiri Prochazka represented one of the most exciting contenders to grace the 205 division in years. A free flowing striker with ridiculous knockout power, Prochazka quickly became a fan favorite after spectacular KOs over Volkan Ozedemir and Dominic Reyes. His unique style and persona only added fuel to the fire, as the UFC matchmakers wasted no time giving him an opportunity to become champion.

It was the perfect blend for a perfect showdown. A striker vs. a grappler. Questionable takedown defense vs. a questionable chin. A young prospect rising to the top vs. an aging Cinderella Man who finally became champion. Everything about the first encounter between Jiri Prochazka and Glover Teixeira had the makings of something magical.

And magical it was. A back-and-forth battle for the ages, where down was up and up was down. Glover rocked Jiri on the feet, Jiri survived the grappling exchanges and reversed positions, and fittingly, Prochazka sunk in a rear-naked choke when everyone who picked him to win chose him to knock Teixeira out.

If the rematch between Jiri Prochazka and Glover Teixeira can provide even half of the excitement of that first fight, fans are in for a treat. Although the fight hasn’t been officially announced, sources inside the UFC’s matchmaking process have confirmed that this fight is currently being targeted for UFC 282 in December of this year. A location hasn’t been set, but the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas is the current favorite.

It’s another big test for both men. Glover expressed his desire to win his belt back and defend it one more time before retiring. “The perfect plan would be winning this fight, which I have full focus on,” Teixeira explained on the Mundo da Luta podcast, “And fighting one last time in November, in New York, which is close to the city I live for 20 years, and close to my gym. It would be my farewell from fighting. That’s what I’m thinking right now.”

As for Prochazka, it represents an opportunity to prove that he is the hungry, improving, electric champion that many fans expected him to be when he joined the UFC from the Rizin promotion. Prochazka has stated his desires to fight Jan Blachowicz in a European superfight showdown, but first has to get past Teixeira, which proved no easy feat in their last encounter.

Whoever wins at UFC 282, one thing is certain: the fans are in for a real treat.

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