Liver King Apologizes for Steroid Use, MMA World Reacts

After being exposed for steroid use, Liver King comes clean in apology video.

By Timothy James | December 2, 2022

Liver, testicles, and a boatload of juice. Just not the same secret juice Paulo Costa drinks.

A day after a video by “More Plates More Dates” revealed that the Liver King was taking various steroids, the Liver King (real name Brian Johnson) responded in the only way that made sense - with an apology.

During the apology, Johnson admits that he has used and is still using steroids - many of which are discussed in the hour long video done by “More Plates More Dates.” He also takes note of the fact that he had made multiple media appearances where he denied taking PEDs - something he readily admits was a lie.

For what it’s worth, the reveal doesn’t come as a shock to a lot of people. Joe Rogan in particular wasn’t shy about sharing his belief that he thought the Liver King was juiced to the gills with performance enhancing drugs.

With all the secrets out in the open, the MMA world had a few thoughts to share.

While some are taking this opportunity to kick a man while he’s down and gloat in the most obvious “I told you so” ever, Inside Fighting met the Liver King and the guy couldn’t have been nicer. Even in the “take down” video, it’s pointed out that he still has solid messages about health and fitness.

He even offered up some dieting advice for Paddy Pimblett.

Keep that head up, primal.

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