Luke Rockhold Shows Battle Wounds: “Costa Broke My Nose Back Into Place!”

By Timothy James  |  August 22, 2022  |  No Comments

“I think this motherf***er broke my nose back into place. It looks f***in’ clean.” - Luke Rockhold in a post-fight video posted to his Instagram story.

The battle many fans deemed the “most handsome fight in UFC” history ended with each combatant battered, bruised, and a little bit uglier…or did it?

Luke Rockhold seems to appreciate the free nose-job he got courtesy of Paulo Costa. He’s also seems to be in good spirits following his MMA retirement after the absolute war he and Costa had at UFC 278, rocking out in his car to “Stay Away” by Charles Bradley and the Menahan Street Band.

It has to be said, for a guy who got punched in the face countless times, his nose does look pretty good. It’s the same nose that Luke rubbed all over Costa’s face before the end of the fight, re-enacting the famous scene from the movie “Fight Club.”

Guess you don’t have to be a Hollywood actor to look as good as Brad Pitt!

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