Luke Rockhold Using Magic Mushrooms, Ponders Unretiring from MMA

By Timothy James  |  September 2, 2022  |  No Comments

“I’ll never close the door [on MMA] … Maybe I’ll make another run at this thing” - Luke Rockhold in an Instagram video while on magic mushrooms.

We may not have seen the last of Luke Rockhold inside the Octagon - unless it was just the psychedelics talking. In a contemplative sauna video (the Joe Rogan special), Luke Rockhold mulled over his retirement and health.

“Sometimes I struggle back and forth, thinking about how I want to approach this,” Rockhold says. “I want to retire … I want to get my health together. Health is wealth … fighting doesn’t help that.”

But Rockhold is feeling that fighter’s urge to get back to what he’s one of the best at. “Once I get my health fully back, when I get my body where I want and I start performing and not hurting myself … maybe I’ll make another run at this thing,” Rockhold reveals. “One, two, three years down the line. I honestly feel like I’m only getting better.”

The secret to Rockhold’s confidence? Cutting out alcohol - and eating magic mushrooms. While his last opponent Paulo Costa was sipping “secret juice,” Rockhold was stepping into other dimensions. 

“Take out alcohol, out of your life,” Rockhold states. “Maybe try some mushrooms. Because they f****ing work for me. They make me more motivated to do what I think I should be doing. What I know I should be doing.”

Rockhold advocates eating mushrooms therapeutically, revealing in the video that he had eaten them before filming. “I’m up … four [doses of psilocybin] … I just eat it.”

He closed it out with a classic Luke Rockhold rhyme, reminiscent of his press conference with Michael Bisping back at UFC 199.

“Hydration, filtration, circulation. F**k you, I’m out!”

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