Paddy Pimblett Taps Ten U.S. Marines in a Row

By Timothy James  |  September 13, 2022  |  No Comments

Paddy Pimblett is adept at throwing his weight around, visiting the USMC station at Camp Pendleton in San Diego - where he submitted ten marines in a row!

The UFC does great outreach to boost morale for US troops - Paddy Pimblett partook in the action, visiting the marines at Camp Pendleton, where he decided to “roll with [the boys].”

Pimblett ran the gamut of submissions, landing triangles, guillotines, rear-naked chokes, and armbars. His originally planned run was replaced by a different kind of marathon, rolling - and tapping - a bunch of U.S. marines.

“I was meant to be doing a three-mile run today, it’s not happening now,” Pimblett says in the video posted to his YouTube channel. “Lad, this has been one of my hardest workouts this week, you gang of big b****es!”

Paddy is enjoying his time between fights, also making appearances on Steve-O’s podcast.

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