Timothy JamesTimothy James
March 18, 2023

Wiz Khalifa is fired up about Jake Paul being the PFL’s newest fighter – and fellow part-owner of the league.

Wiz Khalifa is fully on board with Jake Paul’s mission – to make sure MMA fighters make as much money as they can in the sport. Inside Fighting’s Andrew Capucetti caught up with the part-owner of the PFL, asking Wiz about the Paul signing and the future of the PFL.

“Jake Paul is for the fighters,” Wiz stated. “He’s all about, you know, building [the fighters] up and [making] sure they get their fair cut, and that’s what we’re about at the PFL as well. So, it’s a good partnership.”

Wiz Khalifa welcomed Jake Paul to the PFL when his blockbuster deal was signed on January 5th, setting Paul up for a debut in mixed martial arts.

“The fighters are going to get rich,” said Khalifa of the Paul signing. “That’s the main goal. To get these fighters this bread, man. They’re out here breaking bones and training hard. They deserve to get this bread!”

Of course, the question on everybody’s mind is…who is Jake going to fight next? Shortly after the PFL signing was announced, Paul made a bold callout on Twitter – Nate Diaz.


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