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Dana White Announces TUF-Style Reality Show for Power Slap

Power Slap is coming to television - UFC president Dana White revealed an 8-episode reality TV show for his new combat sports promotion, debuting on TBS in January, 2023.

By Timothy James | November 11, 2022

When Dana White was introduced to slap tournaments on social media in 2017, the man who made the UFC what it is today saw an opportunity for something big. “Some of these [slap tournament videos] have 300 million views,” White stated during the Power Slap press conference earlier today. “I started thinking … [this] would be good for television, too, if done the right way.”

The show will be similar to “The Ultimate Fighter,” taking viewers on a journey where they get to meet the personalities involved in the competition. The show’s end goal is to rank the competitors - a stepping stone for their plan for championship fights down the line. “We’re going to come out of this 8-episode series with world rankings,” White said during the press conference.

The episodes will be 1-hour long, produced by Pilgrim Films & Craig Piligian - the same team behind TUF. All the pieces are falling into place for Dana White’s newest project to take off - having the support of Frank and Lorenzo Fertitti and licensing from the Nevada State Athletic Commission - making Power Slap an officially regulated sport.

“For this thing to be a real sport, it needs to be regulated by the Athletic Commission,” White stated early on during the presser. “The most important thing to us with everything is always the health and safety … it was regulated a few weeks ago by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.”

With the NSAC involved, there will be weight classes, rules, rankings, and extensive medical testing to protect the health and wellbeing of the fighters. Regulation was an early hurdle that threatened the early days of the UFC, so Dana White understands better than most how important it was to legitimizing the sport.

Dana White also introduced Power Slap President Frank Lomicello - who will be running the new promotion’s day-to-day operations. Lomicello joined Dana on stage, taking the time to explain certain rules and techniques involved with the sport.

It’s an exciting time for the combat sports world, as Dana White is exactly the person needed to bring legitimacy to slap fighting.

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