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Sean Strickland Roasts Israel Adesanya at UFC 276 Press Conference

By Timothy James  |  June 30, 2022  |  No Comments

Controversial UFC Middleweight Sean Strickland had a memorable performance on the mic at the UFC 276 Press Conference, getting into a colorful exchange with champion Israel Adesanya.

Many fans were wondering whether the UFC’s decision to let Sean Strickland participate in the UFC 276 press conference would backfire. A divisive figure in the MMA community, Strickland has found himself in hot waters for posting questionable opinions on social media. In fact, his Twitter account is currently suspended after a series of tweets on gun control and transgender peoples.

Even Strickland himself was unsure about being there, saying that the “UFC was on top of me from the start…this is my first press conference.” He continued “I’m probably the only guy who shouldn’t be here. That’s how you know the UFC needs to recruit a little bit more, you put me up on this f—ing stage. But no, it’s all good. I’m going to do this for a long time. I can shut up and not say the ‘F’ word.” Full disclosure: he was not able to stop saying the ‘F’ word.

Whether or not the decision backfired is up for interpretation, but there’s no denying that the most memorable moments of the conference happened when Sean Strickland was holding the mic. When asked who he thought was the best striker on stage, he went on an antagonistic rant against current champion Israel Adesanya.

“That man [pointing to Alex Pereira] was the one who slept that man [referencing Israel Adesanya] So next to me, probably Alex,” Strickland responded. “What was it 2-0 against Izzy? Izzy, what was it? 2-0?”

The normally level-headed Adesanya seemed a bit more irritated than usual, asking Strickland whether or not he watched the fights. The exchange got more colorful from there, undoubtedly leaving the UFC brass holding their breaths, praying that Strickland wouldn’t say anything too wild.

“Oh man, I made the champion mad with his f—ing frosted tips and his gay little watch, oh no!” Strickland answered. “I’m just joking. Izzy is a savage. Bro, your Pornhub is just filled with cartoons. No man who beats off to cartoons is going to beat me. Calm down.”

At that point, the folks at ESPN (whose parent company is Walt Disney) probably wanted the feed to Strickland’s mic cut. But there’s no denying it made for an entertaining press conference, leaving fans speculating whether or not Strickland actually managed to get under Adesanya’s skin.

When asked over whether he had a preference of who won their fight this Saturday, Israel Adesanya said that both the Strickland fight and Pereira fights were big money. Alex Pereira famously defeated Israel Adesanya twice in kickboxing, including a brutal knockout. However, after this press conference, Strickland vs. Stylebender may be the fight that fans will want to see.

What do you guys think? Was Adesanya’s cage rattled or was he unphased? Did you enjoy Strickland’s performance on the mic or was it cringe? Let us know in the comments!

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