Tom Hardy Channels Inner Bane To Win BJJ Competition

By Timothy James  |  August 22, 2022  |  1 Comment

All of those fights with Batman were the perfect preparation for actor Tom Hardy, who won gold medals in the blue belt category at a charity Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament this weekend.

Hardy is one of the few Hollywood action stars who could probably back you up in a bar fight, instead of just hiding behind their bodyguards.

Hardy is a blue-belt in BJJ, which he has trained since preparing for a role in his 2011 film Warrior, in which he played an MMA fighter. It only makes sense that the man who lifted Batman over his head and broke his back with his knee would be “ripping people’s arms and legs off,” as described by someone who filmed his matches.

Hardy left the REORG Charity Open Jiu-Jitsu fundraiser with two gold medals; one in the blue-belt gi and another in the blue-belt no-gi categories. REORG is a non-profit that helps veterans deal with PTSD and other combat-related traumas.

Lots of actors do their best to appear like badasses on the screen. Tom Hardy is a badass in real life.

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