UFC FIGHT NIGHT: What to expect in the fight between Michael Chiesa and Sean Brady

By andrewadmin  |  November 19, 2021  |  1,608 Comments

Everyone is looking forward to the UFC Fight Night 198 coming Saturday 20th November, as two of the great and entertaining welterweight fighters will meet in the octagon in the co-main event of UFC Vegas 43. We don’t know what to expect in this fight between the veteran fighter, Chiesa, the ninth-ranked UFC welterweight fighter, and the young welterweight fighter, Brady, who is the 18th ranked UFC Welterweight fighter.  Chiesa is known for his submission game, and Brady has won many fights with his epic domination style.

Chiesa has enjoyed a professional career and has moved through promotions since joining the UFC in 2012. He is very experienced in grappling, winning 11 of his fights and losing only five. He started his career in the lightweight division before moving into the welterweight division and has won four consecutive fights. However, Vincent Luque cut his winning streak defeating him in the UFC 265. The two welterweight fighters had met at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Chiesa, who had been basking in the victory of his four-fight winning streak, was shocked by this defeat. Michael Chiesa was already on his way to becoming a significant contender for the welterweight title with an impressive 18-4-0 record in his professional career. Eleven of the eighteen victories were via submission, and he hasn't earned any TKO or KO victories so far in his MMA career.

The question now is, would he regain his stance and maybe start another winning streak after fighting Sean Brady on Saturday?

So far in his MMA career, Sean Brady has been a skillful young fighter and has an impressive undefeated record of 14-0. Brady will be coming into the ring with his best game plan. He will be out to fight the fight of his life to maintain his undefeated record and fast-track his career promotion into becoming the title contender in the welterweight division. We will see him kicking harder, delivering more powerful punches, and maintaining a tighter grappling in this fight against Chiesa.

Sean Brady seems to be the favorite to win as he has more betting points with a betting odd of -160 in his favor. While Michael Chiesa might not be the favorite after his defeat to Vincente Luque, he has a betting odds of +140.

Although the bets are not in his favor, Chiesa is confident that he will defeat Brady.  He had expressed his respect for the young fighter and has praised him for his skills and success so far, referring to him as a “tough fighter who doesn’t have a hole in his game.” The 33-year-old fighter had also acknowledged the team and camp that Brady is coming from and still believes that it will be a tough fight, but he is sure that his game plan will help him beat the young fighter. 

Sean Brady is one of the fastest-rising contenders in the UFC welterweight division and has an impressive record as proof of his competence. Brady has not lost any fight since starting his MMA career and has a 14-0 record. His fight with Michael Chiesa will be his fifth battle in the UFC. He has enough experience inside the octagon and has won four of his fights since joining the UFC in 2019, winning two of the fights by unanimous decisions and two submission victories. Brady's last fight with the Australian, Jake Mathews, was an impressive victory for him. It had ended in the third round with a submission Arm-triangle choke.

Both Chiesa and Brady are excellent fighters, and one thing is sure: the fight on Saturday will be tough and entertaining. Although we may use the stats to predict who will win, we can't say how the fight will end as both contenders are sure to bring their best to the arena. 

Interestingly, the fight between Chiesa and Brady will be epic as both players are equally skillful and powerful grapplers. Although, from previous fights, we have seen that both do not have the top striking ability, so we may not watch an entertaining exchange of powerful kicks and punches. Chiesa, however, has a better submission game, yet one thing he may have to work on is his submission defense. He tends to be so fast and takes a lot of risks while rolling. His weak point is how quick and eager he is to submit to people. He misses a lot of opportunities and becomes vulnerable in the process. It was the same mistake he made during his fight with Vincent Luque at UFC 265. He had tried to win a fast submission against Luque, but Luque was able to maneuver his way out, and before Chiesa could get up, Vincent Luque was already on him and didn’t waste time to finish him.

On the other hand, Brady is a more patient and careful fighter. Like Chiesa, he is also good at grappling and submission but more tactical and skillful. He ensures maximum control during his fight and makes sure to avoid mistakes. He holds his opponents on the floor longer until they get weak and submits them once he notices they are tired and would not have a way of defending themselves and counter-attacking. 

What this means is that any mistake may be fatal for both fighters. Yet we could say that the odds favor Brady to defeat Chiesa, except Chiesa doesn't slip up and make a mistake as he did in his last fight. However, if Michael Chiesa doesn't have a top game plan and makes any mistake, then Sean Brady will win the bout and walk home with his fifteenth professional win.

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