Conor McGregor Breaks Down Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia, Wants to See Rematch

Conor McGregor Breaks Down Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia, Wants to See Rematch

Timothy JamesTimothy James
April 23, 2023

Conor McGregor was impressed by both sides of the Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia fight – and wants to see them go at it again.

“Sure, why not?” McGregor told Inside Fighting’s Andrew Capucetti. “They’ve already made the match, so it’d be easy to get done again. There’s a storyline to it.”

Davis vs. Garcia was a rare instance in the modern era of boxing, where two incredibly talented, undefeated boxers risk their perfect records to settle the score – something that McGregor is cognizant of.

“In boxing, the matches are so hard to make,” Conor explained. “If you think of all the other contenders they could face … Devin Haney, Shakur Stevenson, Vasily Lomachenko, they’re all difficult fights to make.”

Considering that Davis vs. Garcia actually happened, McGregor thinks it makes sense to run it back. “Here you got two guys [who] have already fought, it’s said there, there’s a story. I’d like to see it again.”

When asked whether he thought Ryan Garcia could avenge his 7th round TKO loss to Gervonta Davis, McGregor shared a breakdown of what he saw in their fight. “I don’t know [if Garcia could win a rematch], it’s a tough ask,” McGregor stated. “But that extra bit of weight, when you don’t [have to] dehydrate, or you’re allowed to rehydrate, it makes a difference.”

McGregor was referring to the rehydration clause added to the contract between Davis and Garcia, which prevented Ryan Garcia from weighing heavier than 146 pounds on fight day. Given the 136 pounds limit for the fight, this prevented Garcia from fully rehydrating before the bout.

For what it’s worth, Ryan Garcia did state that he didn’t feel 100% heading into the bout during the post-fight press conference – but was reluctant to blame the rehydration clause.

“I felt a little weak … going into the ring,” Garcia stated. “My legs didn’t feel too much under me … but once the fight got going, you know, it kinda all came together. So I can’t really pin it on that too much.”

According to McGregor, things may have played out differently if Garcia was allowed to rehydrate fully. “It wasn’t the [body] shot that ended [Garcia],” Conor explained. “It was a shot that [ended him] over time … if he was allowed to rehydrate, that may have been different, you know?”

As for his own return to combat sports, McGregor gave a rough estimate of when he’ll be back. “End of summer,” replied the Irish superstar when he’d be making his UFC return.



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