Jake Paul Predicts Domination Against Andre August (video)

Jake Paul Predicts Domination Against Andre August (video)

Timothy JamesTimothy James
December 14, 2023

Jake Paul may be known as “The Problem Child,” but he doesn’t believe Andre August is going to be giving him any problems in their upcoming fight.

Paul sat down with Inside Fighting’s CEO and founder Robby Clark, sharing his insights into the bout and laying out his plans for the future.

Jake Paul Says He’s On the Path to Becoming a Boxing World Champion

As far as Paul’s concerned, August is just a stepping stone on his route to the top of the boxing world.

“I’m just going to pick [August] apart,” Paul stated. “[I’m going to be] the sharper fighter. I don’t think he can get out of the way of my punches … we’ll just see how long he can stand there and take damage, really.”

Critics of Paul have pointed out his proclivity for boxing MMA fighters – but Andre August is a legit boxer and three-time Golden Gloves champion – a testament to Paul’s commitment to the sport.

“I’m on the path to [being] a world champion,” Paul proclaimed. “[I’m] just staying focused … staying in camp, ready and active at all times … if some money fights come up, that’s great. But I’m taking the more traditional boxing route right now … it’s back to the drawing board after this.”

Many people doubted whether Paul would ever challenge a true boxer, but he’s less than forty-eight hours away from that reality. A win over August wouldn’t just be a step in the right direction towards a boxing title – it’d also force the haters to shut up.


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