What Should We Expect in the Fight Between Moreno and Deiveson Figueiredo in the Flyweight Division?

By Patrick Akuagwu  |  January 21, 2022  |  311 Comments

We will witness part three of the fight trilogy between Brandon Moreno and Deiveson Figueiredo on Saturday. The UFC 270 will take place on January 22 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

Different predictions are already on the ground on the likely outcome of the fight, and Moreno, the current Flyweight Champion, is the favorite to win the fight. Online sportsbook Bovada has released Moreno VS Figueiredo odds. Here Moreno is listed as a favorite to win the game with -175, and the former champ, Figueiredo has a point of +145 and is listed as the Underdog.

From the stats provided, we can see that Brandon's probability of winning the match is 63.64%, while Deiveson's odds of winning the fight is 40.82%.

The odds have changed since the last two fights. In their first meeting in the UFC 256, which took place in 2020, Figueiredo, the champ at the time, had a significant betting odd of -335 against Moreno, the underdog with+255. The fight had ended in a draw. They later had a rematch in 2021 at UFC 263, and Moreno was still the betting favorite with a betting odds of +185. He defeated Figueiredo via submission to clinch the UFC championship title.

Figueiredo will enter the cage again as the Underdog in the UFC 270. This will be the fourth time in his career, and would he repeat the same success he had recorded in the last three instances; will he come out victorious again?

 A Preview of the Moreno VS Figueiredo Fight

Brandon Moreno, popularly called "The Assassin Baby," became the featherweight champion after defeating Figueiredo in the third round via submission at the UFC 263 last June after a draw in the UFC 256.

In the last two fights, Moreno has maintained a tough stance in their previous two fights. He fought so well in their first bout and held on strong to take the fight to a draw. However, in the second fight, he displayed better accuracy with his punches and defeated Figueiredo to claim the championship. Figueiredo didn't show any sign that he was ready for a win. His punches were not accurate, and he was sluggish throughout the fight. He wasn't reacting to the fight and kept receiving different punches from Moreno.

From the previous fights, it is clear that Moreno is more determined and has shown how much the fights mean to him and how he intends to remain a champion. Should we expect something different from Figueiredo in this fight?

The UFC betting lines closed, and Figueiredo has -325 points and was the favorite to win in the first meeting. However, the point was reduced to -250 during the second rematch, and in this third fight in the UFC 270, Moreno is the favorite with a -170 point.

Despite being young, Moreno has a stat of 5-0-2 in seven fights after returning to the promotion in 2019. The 28 years old fighter already has 26 MMA fights under his belt. Moreno is a well-rounded fighter and is known for his high-level grappling with crisp boxing.

Figueiredo won the 125-pound title after he defeated Joseph Benavidez in 2020 in a first-round defeat and defended his belt after defeating Alex Perez via submission in the first round.

Figueiredo holds a 9-2-1 at the UFC level and won seven out of nine of his fight via finish. Popularly called "Deus Da Guerra," the Portuguese name of "God of War," the 34-year-old fighter is one of four flyweight champions in UFC history. This title is held by Moreno, Johnson, and Henry Cejudo.

Figueiredo made the fastest title-fight turnaround in UFC in just 21 days in the UFC 255 and UFC 256. He has also enjoyed four knockout victories in the UFC flyweight competition.

What to Expect

Brandon will be defending his title fiercely, and he has hinted at his interest to keep his title for as long as possible. He said, "I am focused and preparing for this fight in an interview. I want to have the belt for a long, long time, so first, I need to defend my title against Figueiredo. And I am ready to do it." Moreno is one fierce fighter. In previous fights where he played the role of an underdog, a role that suits him so perfectly, but now that he will be fighting as the favorite, we look forward to another marvelous display of skills and strength from him.

"The underdog mentality is an advantage for me, one that always helps me," he says. "I want to be the best. I'm working every day to be that, and that mentality makes me work even harder."

He has also expressed his interest in being the champion for a very long time. "I have been working to be the champion for a long time. That I can promise. I'm taking care of all the things I can take care of. There are things in this sport that are out of your control, but I am working so hard and doing everything I can to keep the belt with me. "

Although Moreno may have the speed and the technique, Figueiredo remains the bigger and better fighter. If Moreno should take a wrong move or fail to defend himself properly, he should be ready to be dealt severe blows from an angry Figueiredo. Figueiredo will be coming angrily to the fight, and if Moreno isn't cautious enough, his championship will be taken from him.

For Figueiredo to keep the title, he will have to make the game last just a short while. To close the Trilogy and regain his title, he must have to be efficient and maintain accurate punches. He must also avoid making mistakes or rushing into situations that may make him lose.

In conclusion, the two fighters already know themselves, and each knows what to expect from the other. The fight will remain very competitive, but we hope Moreno to hold firm and takedown Figueiredo a few times and get a win.

Who do you predict to win this fight?

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