Who Will Get Their Hand Raised in The Heavyweight Fight Between Jake Collier and Chase Sherman?

By Patrick Akuagwu  |  January 15, 2022  |  389 Comments

This Saturday, January 15, the final fight before the main event at UFC Vegas 46 will be a heavyweight clash. The fight will be between Jake Collier and Chase Sherman, and it seems like everyone is looking forward to it as it will be a fierce fight. Chase Sherman has agreed that the fight between him and Jake Collier on Saturday is a do–or–die as this would be a major decider in the future of his UFC career.

Sherman returns right after a series of losses to Parker Porter and Andrei Arlovski. His last loss left him contemplating the next move in his career and what may be coming for him. His fight with Collier gives him great joy as he sees it as an opportunity to put his career on track and give his fans an excellent and entertaining fight.

Sherman has said that the fight was unexpected, and Collier wasn't something he was looking forward to, but he can't choose who to fight after losing two of his recent fights.

Chase Sherman was a member of the UFC from 2016 to 2018, and he has not had any promotion due to his losing streaks. He was, however, able to earn a contract right after winning different fights in a row outside the UFC. However, he had defeated Isaac Villanueva in his second UFC debut but suffered two losses against former heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski and Parker Porter.

Sherman's fight against Collier in the Octagon will be the last fight of his deal. After two losses in his previous fight, he understands that this fight has to be outstanding to get another deal. He is not worried about finishing- which in recent fights has been a problem for him; Sherman focuses on winning this fight.

"I'm not really concerned about that; I'm prepared for a 15-minute battle. This is the last fight on my contract and it's a must-win," Sherman said. "As long as I get my hand raised, that's all I care about. If I get a highlight-reel finish, that's great."

Chase believes that winning the fight between him and Collier would help him get a new contract, and although he is under a lot of pressure to perform, he is focused on having a great fight and expects to get a good win.

"I try not to think about that, but if you look at my career, I tend to thrive under the pressure when there is no other option but to win," Sherman concluded. "We are not thinking about that… A win just puts me 2-2 on the contract, get a new deal and we will go from there. It depends on how I perform. If I go and maul the guy there might be bigger opportunities on the contract, it opens some eyes and lets people know I can hang in there."

Jake collier has also been a member of the UFC since 2014. He has four victories out of 9 fights. He, however, went on a three-year break from 2017 but returned in 2020 and suffered a loss after facing Tom Aspinall.

Jake Collier has potent strikes and can easily face anyone in the division. He lands weighty punches and doesn't take much damage. Collier would deliver very timely punches seizing every opportunity created by Sherman. Collier might also take the fight to the ground to give it a dramatic turn making it more entertaining.

Jake Collier enjoyed a great run at the start of his mixed martial arts career. He maintained 8 – 1 before signing into the UFC. He began his career in the middleweight division before moving into the lightweight division in 2017. After two fights, he moved up and went into the heavyweight division. However, his UFC career has been shaky so far, and he intends to fight harder in his fight on Saturday.

Chase Sherman is a hard hitter and a formidable fighter in the heavyweight division. He was on four fight-win streaks, although he has lost two of his last fight. He currently holds a 15 – 8 in his professional MMA career and looks forward to returning to winning ways after his fight on Saturday. Sherman remains a tough fighter who doesn't back out from a fight and would go into the Octagon to grab a win. He has recorded 14 wins via TKO. Sherman lands about 6.24 significant strikes per minute and can absorb 6.33 strikes per minute.

The prediction is that Sherman might win in the second round via knockout.

Both fighters are not in the ring for a title and cannot be placed on the main card soon. They are both heavy hitters and will bring their best to get a knockout in the ring. As said earlier, Sherman remains the likely person to finish out since Collier has had only one knockout since 2012. However, if the fight can get to the third round, Collier may be the winner as he has better defense technique and can therefore finish stronger.

The odds are close for both fighters. Chase has the winning odd of 2.1, while Jake's victory odds are 1.78. However, a great factor that will significantly determine which fighter will win at the end of the match is the number of years each player has been active. Jake held three fights only in the last five years, while Chase held 12 fights. Their activeness is a major determining factor as it shows that Chase is in a lot better form than Jake, and this is why we think he will earn more victory, and it might most likely be via a knockout.

So, at the end of the fight on Saturday, the fighter who will most likely get his hands raised is the player who brings out his best in the ring. Irrespective of the stats, the fight can go either way, and anyone can go with the victory, so let's remain optimistic and look forward to an entertaining battle in the Octagon on Saturday.

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