Will smith smacking chris rock.

Will smith smacking chris rock.

Patrick AkuagwuPatrick Akuagwu
April 1, 2022

Last Sunday, the Academy Awards, the world’s most coveted film prize, were delivered (27) march. That’s not to say Will Smith didn’t have a role in the show, which was set in Los Angeles (USA). The actor, who was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in the film “King Richard,” starred in a fight sequence that attracted a lot of attention from combat sports fans.

Chris Rock’s statement about his wife angered him, and he took it personally. Because Jada Pinkett Smith suffers from an autoimmune ailment, the comedian poked fun of her baldness. Smith became upset and punched the show’s “master of ceremonies,” who happened to be on stage at the time. Because the blow was so painful, This fact attracted great stars of the show, for the effectiveness of the blow given.

Several others, including Jones, former UFC light heavyweight (93 kg) champion. were among the first to come up about what happened. You may read about Will Smith and chris Rock’s social media opinions by scrolling down to the bottom of this page. The guy continued highlighted the attitude of Will Smith and also Rock, who even after being attacked, followed his presentation.

“Is there anyone else watching the Academy Awards on television? Will Smith is a gangster, Chris Rock was a model of professionalism in how he handled the situation at hand.” ‘Bones’ was made into a film.

Dana White, the president of Ultimate fighting champion, also spoke up about what happened, in addition to the other people that spoke out. Despite the fact that Chris was hit, the top hat was happy with the “battle” on stage and commended him on his fortitude and perseverance. Chris has received excellent feedback on social media as well.

“Finally! This is a show that you should see. In addition, he has a chin.” It was stated by the president.

The most recent significant UFC event, the fight between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington, was also heavily covered. Masvidal was in a restaurant in Miami, Florida, when he struck his friend. After that, the fighter walked away from the scene.

The next person is Sean Strickland, who will face Alex Poatan in the UFC later this year, but didn’t miss out on the chance to get Colby Covington riled up at the conclusion of the night. These people used this fact to show how aggressive Jorge Masvidal, a welterweight (77 kg), was, as well as to mock the ‘Chaos’ mentality. 

“:D I’m having a great time! If it was Colby covington He would call the authorities while attempting to strike (Donald) Trump. Chris Rock is deserving of praise! You handled it with the maturity that only a man can. Believe me when I say he will not be missed if you are to catch him in the parking lot “He  started shooting.

According to LAPD, Chris Rock chose not to file a police report.  Will Smith Could Miss Oscar for Assault

Will Smith’s manner after Chris Rock made a joke about his wife, Jade Smith, was commendably upbeat, according to Michael Bisping, former middleweight champion. Will Smith is an amazing person just because he is still alive. The sign stated, “Talk crap, get hit.”

When Mike Pierce, a former professional fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), heard the two facts, he chuckled. What made him believe he was correct?

As a result, UFC commentator Joe Rogan had to weigh in on the matter. He added that the Hollywood actor who hit a comedian at an awards presentation because his wife made a joke should not have done so. 

When UFC commentator Joe Rogan condemned Will Smith’s behavior on his podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” joe stated that he was merely doing his job as the Academy Awards show’s host. When asked about the actor’s conduct in one of his flicks, Rogan said that the Hollywood celebrity isn’t interested in the world around him enough to care.

“I assume he was emotionally sensitive at the moment and acted on a whim,” the host speculates. I believe it is a bad idea to do something when you know there will be no consequences. You’ve hit  someone who is on the other side. (…) Smith performed poorly in the way he acted. You will not be able to sit in the first row despite being an Oscar winner because you must be hilarious in order for others to laugh. Instead, there is a professional comedian whose primary goal is to make people laugh…. That’s precisely what he’s doing. He had no intention of being cruel when he did what he did. That was a nice joke, in my opinion. It was merely a lighthearted remark about her hair. The phrase is a reference to a film in which a woman has her hair cut off. Ignore the idea that there is any reason for him to go outside and punch him in the mouth.” Before proceeding in this case, Joe Rogan stated the following:

“He was working on an odd film.” I had the impression he was acting in a film and getting away with it. A tuxedo, walking onto a stage in front of the entire world, beating up a comedian for the most insignificant of jokes, shaking your head and telling the comedian, “Take my wife’s name off your f***ing tongue.” Everyone at the table will be forced to sit on the f*** you made it at the table. You suddenly wet your pants and puked on the dining table, forcing everyone to sit and gaze at you. That is the way it is. The entire concept is absurd in its entirety. These people exist in a world that does not exist. It’s a strange existence when there are so many people to protect you, chauffeur you about in limos, and walk you down the red carpet.

Here are some of the tweets

watching Anyone the #Oscars ? Will Smith is a gangster for that one, Chris rock was the ultimate professional for the way he continued

– BONY (@JonnyBones) March 28, 2022

FINALLY!!!!! there’s an #Oscars show worth watching. AND @chrisrock has a chin https://t.co/SYahGonQTg

– danawhite (@danawhite) March 28, 2022

Lmao!!!!!!!!! If that was @ColbyCovMMA he would of been on the phone calling 911 while trying to give Trump a hand job. Well played @chrisrock . You took that shit like a man… You should catch him in the parking lot lol pic.twitter.com/4Cznq3il3l

– Sean Strickland (@SStricklandMMA) March 28, 2022


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