Controversy! Tommy Fury Edges Majority Decision Against KSI

Controversy! Tommy Fury Edges Majority Decision Against KSI

Timothy JamesTimothy James
October 14, 2023

Tommy Fury defeats KSI via majority decision at The Prime Card

The YouTuber vs. the boxer was a lot closer than anyone expected.

Tommy Fury got the W over KSI – but it wasn’t the one-sided beatdown many expected. On the contrary – many people felt that KSI was robbed.

The fight itself wasn’t that eventful. The expectation was that Fury – the boxer – would be able to land his jab at will against KSI – the YouTuber. Instead, the fight was mostly contested in the clinch.

However, a point deduction in the second round seemed like it would tilt the fight in KSI’s favor. Fury landed multiple punches to the back of the head – prompting the ref to deduct a point.

In the end, it didn’t matter. Fury got the nod on two judge’s scorecards, 57-56. The third judge had it 57-57.

KSI was beside himself – thinking he had done enough to get the win. Fury came into the fight saying that a decision wasn’t enough – he felt he needed to finish KSI to make a statement.

Not only did that not happen, his victory came with controversy.

Still, his older brother and heavyweight champion Tyson Fury was in attendance – and happy with the result.

The bad blood between Fury and KSI didn’t get settled in the ring – if anything, it’s worse now than before. KSI chewed Fury out after the bout, screaming “you weren’t landing!” during his post-fight interview with Ariel Helwani.

“I’m the Youtuber and you’re the boxer,” KSI shouted. “You have to win.”

“You’re a sore loser,” Fury retorted. “Back to YouTube!”

Jake Paul calls out Tommy Fury after Fury beats KSI

Speaking of YouTubers turned boxers – Jake Paul was none-too-impressed with Tommy Fury’s performance over KSI.

While Paul was quick to dunk on KSI for “crying” after his loss, “The Problem Child” is keen on a rematch against Tommy Fury. Fury bested the younger Paul brother in a split decision when the two fought last February.

Jake Paul clowns KSI after loss to Tommy Fury

Jake Paul was quick to call out Tommy Fury for a rematch – but was just as quick to dunk on KSI for his whinging after the bout.

“KSI SORE LOSER CHOKING UP,” Paul tweeted shortly after the bout. It seems Paul agrees with the judges, although he wasn’t happy with them when Fury defeated him via split decision.

“The only thing that got robbed is [KSI’s] hair line,” Paul tweeted. “It’s ok KSI [I got robbed too], it’s gonna be okay bubba.”


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