Deontay Wilder Arrested in LA on Gun Charge, Andrew Tate Comes to his Defense

Deontay Wilder Arrested in LA on Gun Charge, Andrew Tate Comes to his Defense

Timothy JamesTimothy James
May 2, 2023

Deontay Wilder was apprehended in Hollywood, California on suspicion of a concealed firearm, per TMZ.

Deontay Wilder is in trouble with the law – but “Top G” Andrew Tate came to the defense of the boxing superstar. The former heavyweight champion was pulled over due to illegal window tints, but police searched his vehicle after smelling marijuana according to TMZ. They found both the narcotic and a 9mm gun, leading to Wilder’s arrest.

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After spending his morning in jail, the “Bronze Bomber” tweeted out that “I’d rather be safe than sorry. The end,” which seems to be his justification for the allegedly illegal firearm. Andrew Tate voiced his support, responding to the tweet, “better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6 my G.”

Tate is making allusions to being judged by a jury rather than being carried inside the casket of a funeral procession, but he can’t claim credit for the clever line. It’s the name of a song by Layzie Bone – “Judged by 12, Carried by 6” – in which the rapper exclaims “I’d rather by judged by twelve then carried by six, [expletive] with the jury not no pallbearers, man I’m telling you that’s [expletive]. I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six, that’s why I carry this full clip, hollow point tips, ready to do this.”

Wilder’s arrest comes amidst rumors that he’s in contract talks with Anthony Joshua, another former boxing heavyweight champion. It’s reported that Wilder was cooperative with LAPD and posted $35,000 bail, being released at 6:35 AM on Tuesday morning. As of this publication, no charges have been filed.


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