Deontay Wilder Picks Francis Ngannou over Tyson Fury, ‘I knocked him out and Ngannou can too!’

Deontay Wilder Picks Francis Ngannou over Tyson Fury, ‘I knocked him out and Ngannou can too!’

Timothy JamesTimothy James
October 26, 2023

Deontay Wilder thinks Francis Ngannou will get a massive upset KO over Tyson Fury

The “Bronze Bomber” is rolling with the underdog – saying Francis Ngannou has the power to stop Tyson Fury dead in his tracks. Deontay Wilder believes in Ngannou’s ability to get the upset KO of the century, despite Fury being a massive betting favorite.

“I’m going with Ngannou, for sure,” Wilder told Inside Fighting’s Andrew Capucetti. “My African brother!”

“[Ngannou is from] Cameroon, and I’m Edo [tribe from Nigeria], so we ride back-to-back. So I gotta go with that,” Wilder said. “I’m going with Ngannou … hell yeah, I’m going with the knockout. Let’s go, Ngannou!”

Wilder was on the scene in Las Vegas to watch Dana White’s POWER SLAP, sharing his thoughts on the crazy new sport.

“It’s pretty exciting, once you come in person and see it,” Wilder stated. “To see the blows landing to the face, and to see the reaction after the punch has landed on the face, it’s crazy, man!”

Wilder was already into Power Slap, but seeing Power Slap 5 in person took it to the next level. “I was a fan watching it just on TV, but [I became] an even bigger fan just seeing it in person,” Wilder explained. “My hat goes off to these [Power Slap fighters] because any time you get hit in the face, you gotta understand, the body’s not meant to be hit.”

Deontay Wilder doesn’t have an official fight lined up but has been campaigning for a showdown against British heavyweight Anthony Joshua.


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