Timothy JamesTimothy James
March 18, 2023

Boxer Gary Russell Jr. breaks down his beef with rapper Meek Mill at Gervonta Davis vs. Hector Luis Garcia and shares his thoughts on a showdown with Tank.

Gary Russell Jr. is a hard man to impress – but there’s not an ounce of disrespect in the man’s heart. The boxing star explained the altercation between himself and rapper Meek Mill in the crowd of Gervonta Davis vs. Hector Luis Garcia to Inside Fighting’s Andrew Capucetti, stating the scuffle was an alcohol-fueled misunderstanding.

“It was a big misunderstanding,” Russell Jr. stated. “At the end of the day, when it was all said and done, everybody came to an understanding … it’s water under the bridge.”

The score between the two is settled, even if they haven’t communicated after the altercation. “We haven’t exchanged messages or anything like that,” Russell Jr. explained. “I did see that he apologized … over social media. He said he had some alcohol in his system.”

When asked if he had a message for Meek Mills, Russell Jr. responded “[he’s] a rapper. I would never put my two-cents in on any lyrics or rapping. So don’t put your two-cents in on anything that’s dealing with my profession.”

Both men were in attendance to witness Gervonta Davis’ performance – but Gary Russel Jr. was none too impressed, despite wanting Davis to win. “[My team and I were] rooting for Tank,” Russell Jr. stated. “I wanted him to win the fight, but I didn’t like the way he performed.”

Even though Davis’ performance was not up to his expectations, Russell Jr. would still love an opportunity to fight Tank. “I would love a Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis fight,” Gary replied when asked about potential opponents. “The sport is too small … for us not to at least clash.”

Russell Jr. is confident he’d get the job done against Tank after seeing his performance against Hector Luis Garcia. “I would beat that ass!” he exclaimed.

The confidence doesn’t come from a place of disrespect, though. Gary Russell Jr.’s message to Gervonta Davis was a positive one. “Train hard. I hope you get through … whatever bulls**t you’ve got going on in court … keep your head up, stay focused,” Russell Jr. stated. “I’m rooting for you against Ryan [Garcia]. I want you to get that fight so I can beat that ass afterward!”


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