Sean Brady Records Win Against Michael Chiesa Via Unanimous Decision

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As predicted, Sean Brady maintains his undefeated streak as he records another win against one of the fiercest fighters in the welterweight division. Brady (15 – 0 MMA, 5 – 0 UFC) was able to grab a phenomenal win against Veteran fighter Michael Chiesa (17 – 6 MMA, 11 – 6 UFC) and won 29 – 28 across all three judges’ scorecards. The fight between the two welterweight contenders happened at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas.

The 28-year-old fighter was magnificent in the ring as he faced Michael Chiesa and was able to defeat him at the end of the third round after a unanimous decision from the judges declared him the winner of the UFC FIght Night 198 held on Saturday, 20th November. 

Brady was in for the fight of his life and gave it his all to get another win. In the very first round of the fight, he was poked in the eyes twice by Chiesa. Although the referee didn't call out these illegal punches, Bradley went on to fight professionally and maintained better control of the first round of the fight.

Sean Brady was vicious in the ring and held his position even though Chiesa was not mild or gentle with his punches and kicks.  The veteran wasn't taking any chances either in the ring and delivered very dangerous punches on Brady.  Brady had mentioned that one of Chiesa's powerful punches in the first round of the game had left him with a broken nose in the beginning stages of their fight.

Brady's fight with Chiesa was an opportunity he wouldn't have taken lightly. It was an opportunity for the young and exceptional fighter to climb up the rank of the MMA Global Rankings. He was determined to seize every chance he got and was careful not to make any mistake, as evident in how he moved in the ring. His punches were more direct, and his kicks maintained a professional precision.

Earlier, Chiesa mentioned how good a fighter Brady is and how he would do everything to avoid his grappling chops while moving laterally in the ring, maintaining a distance from his punches and kicks.

Brady, on the other hand, wasn't taking any chances either. He quickly took the first opportunity that opened to him in the first round and took the fight to the ground by delivering a powerful leg kick while swiftly dodging a choke from Chiesa. Chiesa, however, didn't see the kick coming, although he was able to maneuver his way and was up in no time. Brady remained determined and focused, maintaining a long-distance and avoiding any mistake while staying strategic in his attempts to take the fight to the ground. He held Chiesa in a position on his back for some time while Chiesa struggled to get free and get back to position.

Chiesa wasn't giving up in the second round of the fight and had a lot of success in his strikes and punches delivered within range. He delivered several dangerous punches on Sean Brady all through the first half of the round. Brady was kept on the defensive again, but Chiesa wasn't careful enough and made a slight mistake that gave Brady another opportunity to take him down. Chiesa didn't see it coming, and Brady was skillful as he landed a direct kick on Chiesa's knee, forcing the veteran into another takedown. Brady was swift and quickly took Chiesa's back. He was able to control this round of the game until the bell rang.

The third round was a tough bout between Chiesa and Brady. Chiesa had taken on the moment in this round delivering powerful punches and combinations that were hard on Brady. Chiesa's combination had forced Brady into a defensive mode again. He struck as hard as possible, applied a lot of pressure, and did everything he could to finish off Brady. However, Brady was still resilient and maintained his determination and focus, ensuring he wasn't off-balance. After much struggle, he was able to get the fight to the ground. Brady seized this opportunity, got on top of Chiesa, and delivered very severe and direct punches. 

Despite Chiesa's efforts to get back up and weather the storm, he wasn't quick enough. Despite his defensive maneuver, a late takedown, and severe ground-and-pound assault, he couldn't do much to reverse the judges' decision, who had unanimously scored Brady higher. The fight had been a 29 – 28, 29 – 28 & 29 – 28. Chiesa suffered his second consecutive defeat right after his loss to Vincente Luque via submission.

Brady has grabbed his fifth UFC win without any defeat since he joined the UFC in 2019. He thus far has an unbeaten record in his MMA career. The question everyone is pondering now is who would the undefeated fighter face next? Although he hasn't called out any names yet, he has requested for the main event slot for his next outing following his big win.

He has now extended his unbeaten streak to 15 wins and an incredible five straight wins in the UFC. The young fighter is on his way to ranking higher in the welterweight division and would remain a notable contender for the welterweight title even as he prepares for his next fight.

For Chiesa, who hasn't recovered from the shock of his defeat to Vincente Luque in August, his loss to Sean Brady would hurt more as he would drop some levels in the rankings.

After his defeat, the veteran remarked that he enjoyed his fight with Brady despite not winning. He had praised Brady for the win and remained optimistic about his fighting future. Chiesa had said: "Disappointed I didn't get the win tonight but I'd be a liar if I said I didn't have fun out there." He continued, "Nothing but respect for [Sean Brady] and his crew. The goal remains the same. I'll be back stronger than ever in 2022."  

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