Shocker in Riyadh: Tyson Fury Barely Beats Francis Ngannou in Controversial Split Decision

Shocker in Riyadh: Tyson Fury Barely Beats Francis Ngannou in Controversial Split Decision

Timothy JamesTimothy James
October 28, 2023

Francis Ngannou shocked the boxing world with his performance against Tyon Fury

Don’t ever doubt Francis Ngannou again.

Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou was supposed to be a one-sided beatdown. A crossover sideshow bout between the best heavyweight boxer on the planet and a former UFC heavyweight champion. Everyone knows how that’s supposed to play out. Boxers win in boxing. Right?

Francis Ngannou had other plans.

There wasn’t much about this fight that went the way people expected. Ngannou went into the fight as a +750 underdog against Fury’s -1400 – a 14 to 1 difference. It wasn’t supposed to be competitive in the slightest. On paper, Fury was supposed to KO Ngannou with ease.

In reality, Ngannou went 10 rounds with the man considered to be the best heavyweight boxer on the planet – and scored the only knockdown of the bout.

Ngannou found a home for his counter left hook in the third round, sending Fury to the canvas. It wasn’t as devastating as the punch Deontay Wilder landed against Fury in their first encounter, but the impact was heard ’round the world. Ngannou had done the improbable – and continued to do so for the rest of the fight.

It was an incredibly close, back-and-forth affair. In the end, one judge gave it to Ngannou, while the other two gave it to Fury. Tyson Fury remains undefeated, but only after just barely getting the nod against a man he was supposed to dominate.

Ngannou may not have come out with the win, but he made a statement tonight – proving unequivocally that he can hang with the best heavyweight boxers. Considering this was his debut bout and how well he did against the best, this may be the beginning of something special for Ngannou inside the squared circle.

MMA and Boxing Twitter Reacts to Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou

Generally speaking, MMA fighters haven’t done well when stepping into boxing. Francis Ngannou flipped that script tonight, with many believing he deserved the decision victory over Fury.


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