Timothy JamesTimothy James
March 16, 2023

Keegan-Michael Key thinks Tommy Fury’s desire to follow in his older brother Tyson Fury’s footsteps is why he beats Jake Paul.

There are worst things than losing a boxing match – like failing to live up to expectations after your older sibling forged a path to greatness.

That’s why Keegan-Michael Key thinks Tommy Fury is going to beat Jake Paul – the sibling rivalry to match his older brother Tyson will put that fire in him to get the job done.

“Maybe [Tommy Fury] will win, because now would be the time to prove himself,” Key told Inside Fighting’s Andrew Capucetti at the Super Bowl. “Especially with who his big brother is.”

“His desire to be like his big brother, sibling rivalry, is what will make him win the fight,” Key concluded.

He may be onto something – after all, the Furys are a familily affair. Tyson Fury already stated he’d force Tommy to retire from boxing if he can’t beat Jake Paul. “If Tommy can’t splatter Jake Paul, I’ll retire him from boxing myself,” Fury stated in an interview with Boxing Social. “If he can’t beat Jake Paul, forget about boxing.”

However, that was over a year ago – and Tyson has since helped Tommy prepare for his upcoming bout on Sunday, February 26th from Saudi Arabia. Tommy Fury told GQ that Tyson has offered a lot of encouragement, telling the younger Fury that “‘There is not a world where this man can live with you … let everyone think it’s a 50/50 and get in there and show him what’s good.'”

Still, Tyson Fury’s analysis of Jake Paul wasn’t all bad. He gave a statement to Sky News about his younger brother’s upcoming bout, stating that “[Jake Paul is] a decent boxer. A lot of people think he’s just a YouTube person who doesn’t know how to box, but I’ve actually seen him training … I think he’s decent.”

Tyson is confident his younger brother has the ability to get the job done – but that the worst thing Tommy Fury could do is underestimate Jake Paul. “[Tommy] can’t just go to the ice cream parlour and not train,” Tyson stated. “He’s got to take it really seriously.”

That’s a lot of pressure from the boxing heavyweight champion. Keegan-Michael Key thinks that pressure will form a diamond from the rough, rather than collapsing Tommy under the weight of Tyson Fury’s shoulders.


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