The implication of Dana White's positive test for Covid-19

By andrewadmin  |  December 6, 2021  |  No Comments

Despite being vaccinated, UFC president Dana White may miss out on this weekend's event, UFC Fight Night: Font vs. Aldo at the Apex, after testing positive for Covid-19.

White confirmed that he tested positive alongside his immediate family earlier this week after spending the Thanksgiving holiday together at his estate in Maine.

White is aiming to get back to work immediately and is hoping he can do that this weekend. It has prompted him to contact his close friend, UFC commentator Joe Rogan, who is known to have a way out of Covid-19 symptoms thanks to his monocular antibody treatment. White has taken NAD drip, vitamin drip, and a dose of ivermectin to try and suppress the symptoms. However, having lost his sense of taste and smell a few days after testing positive, he regained them back within 24 hours, and he has been working out several times a day to try and get back to business again.

What does White's absence mean?

Although White would like to attend every UFC event, he may need to sit this one out. Of course, any UFC event can go on without him, but his presence has a way of making the event even more attractive to viewers and sponsors.

He has to typically isolate himself for 10 days, after which he may now go back to normal life if he tests negative. Since then, he has been testing every two days to see how quickly the transition can go.

Suppose he cannot attend Rob Font's main event fight against José Aldo this weekend. In that case, he surely will be able to attend UFC 269 next weekend when Charles Oliveira faces off against Dustin Poirier in the lightweight in one of the biggest fights of the year as Oliveira looks to defend the Lightweight title at T-Mobile Arena. In addition, White should also be able to attend the last UFC fight of the year, UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs. Daukaus, where heavyweight No. 3 Derrick Lewis faces off against No. 7 Chris Daukaus.

From a business point of view, it is not a problem if White doesn't attend UFC event fights, but it could become a problem if he cannot delegate duties when he's not around. Although his presence is charismatic and can further ensure he has an overview of everything, his absence will not be felt. As you must know, every event has already been scheduled and will go ahead unless the inevitable happens. White testing positive for Covid-19 is not an unavoidable situation that should stop the planned fight nights from going ahead.

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