March 18, 2023

Chito Vera thinks it’s time that Petr Yan mans up, saying Yan should stop “crying” about the judges in his fight with Sean O’Malley.

Chito Vera is looking for a fight, and he’s got a guy in mind – Petr Yan.

The problem? According to Chito, Yan is too busy living in the past, feeling sorry for himself that the judges scored against him at UFC 280 when the Russian bantamweight fought “Suga” Sean O’Malley.

“I’ve been trying to get the fight with Yan, but that other a*****e is crying … to the UFC about the judging,” Vera said on his appearance on the Fight SZN podcast with Inside Fighting. “You want to win the fight? You finish the guy, right?”

Vera thinks that there’s a chance Yan didn’t take the fight very seriously because his opponent was a “funny guy,” but “the funny guy can fight, too,” according to Chito.

Chito would know – he’s the only man to beat “funny guy” Sean O’Malley in the UFC, when he knocked him out with elbows at UFC 252.

While it hasn’t been announced officially yet, Henry Cejudo, manager Ali Abdelaziz, and bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling have all stated that a championship bout between “Triple C” and “Funkmaster” is in the works – with Sean O’Malley likely waiting out to fight the winner.

That leaves Marlon Vera and Petr Yan, the other two top bantamweights, without a fight. That fight makes perfect sense, and Chito is ready to go.

“I think me and Yan … anytime. January, February. Should be fine,” Chito said. The man is no nonsense – saying he doesn’t care about Cejudo coming back and skipping the line.

“Cejudo’s come back, he’s jumped the ladder,” Vera continued. “I could be down, cry about it, complain, say f**k you to anybody. But that doesn’t help. That’s a waste of energy.”

The bottom line? Vera doesn’t care about fight game politics – the man just wants to fight.

“Give me the other guy who was the last champion,” Vera said. “That’s Yan. So give me Yan.”

It’s a fight fans would love to see – but according to Chito, the one keeping it from happening is Yan himself.

“I heard he’s still crying about the decision … with O’Malley … he’s just crying like a little b***h right now,” Vera stated. He thinks it’s time Yan stop feeling sorry for himself and get back into the Octagon looking for a win.

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