Oscar de la Hoya Gets a Billion Dollar Offer to Sell Golden Boy

By Tudor Leonte  |  July 16, 2022  |  No Comments

Legendary boxing fighter and promoter Oscar de la Hoya is currently sitting on a gold mine.

It seems that de la Hoya is in talks to sell his well-known boxing promotion, Golden Boy Promotions. Several reports indicated that the multiple-time champion received a colossal billion-dollar offer for his company and is currently reflecting on taking it. In an exclusive interview with InsideFighting's Andrew Capucetti, de la Hoya confirmed that the offer exists and involves the colossal content owned by Golden Boy.

If the number's right, yeah. Right. I actually have three offers right now. I build Golden Boy for 25 years now, and we have one of the best libraries in boxing that I own. All the content, I mean, this content is king, right?

De la Hoya has been known as "The Golden Boy" since his victory at the 1992 Olympics. His legendary boxing career spanned almost twenty years and concluded when he hung up the gloves in 2008. In addition to capturing ten world titles throughout his career, de la Hoya also launched his boxing promotion firm in 2002. The promoter isn't sure that he will sell all the shares of his company, considering all the effort he put in to make it become the PPV-selling machine it is today.

[I promoted] Canelo [Alvarez], I promoted 10 Mayweather fights. I promoted, Pacquiao fights. I promoted everybody, everybo dy so that means a lot. I'm not sure if I'm ready to exit a hundred percent. I might maybe keep 10, 20% of the company and sell off the rest and continue growing.

Ultimately, de la Hoya confessed that he might die a happy man if he reaches iconic promoter Bob Arum's age by doing what he likes most.

I had a talk with Bob Arum the other day and he's 90 years old. I actually told him, 'Man, if I can, to your age and still promote, I would die happy.'

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