Paddy Pimblett Needs to Start Eating Testicles to Control His Weight, Says Liver King

By Timothy James  |  September 21, 2022  |  No Comments

It may sound nuts … but Paddy Pimblett needs to introduce testicles into his diet ASAP!!

… this according to superstar fitness influencer Liver King, who tells Inside Fighting that gobbling testes will keep Paddy from being a Fatty.

Of course, Paddy has talked openly about his weight struggles. The 27-year-old UFC star usually fights at lightweight (155 lbs) but recently admitted he’s been walking around at 207 lbs and suggested the extra poundage may be the result of an eating disorder.

 Enter Brian Johnson — aka the Liver King — who SWEARS by his unusual diet and tells Inside Fighting he can get Paddy back on track.

“If you really deeply nourish yourself, with food, and socially and emotionally, you’ll be so satiated that you’re not even hungry physically because you’re so satiated,” Liver King told Inside Fighting’s Andrew Capucetti.

“So if you have the most nutrient-dense foods like liver, bone marrow and testicle — and if you put down the goddamn phone and you really nourish yourself , your heart and soul with your family and friends — how much do you want to bet that what you put in your mouth is so much easier to manage!?”

Capucetti followed up … “So you think the answer for Paddy Pimblett to manage his weight is eating testicles?”

“Yes,” Liver King replied … “Liver, bone marrow, testicles … I can’t tell you how many people eat liver, testicle and it’s so much easier to control the satiation and then they’re fucking kicking ass with their lean mass all year round.”

Liver King also invited Paddy to hit him up so he can personally oversee the MMA superstar’s diet.

Will Paddy make the call? Stay tuned …

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