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Tyson Fury Makes 60/40 Offer to Anthony Joshua, AJ Says He Has to Think About it

By Tudor Leonte  |  September 6, 2022  |  No Comments

"Take it or leave it."

To show that he is dead serious about the fight with Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury revealed on his social accounts the generous offer he made to AJ. "The Gipsy King" is willing to offer 40 percent of the purse to face the long-term rival in December.

"I'm being bombarded with messages on how much am I gonna pay AJ? Everyone's saying 80/20, 70/30, 75/25. The actual answer is I've offered him 60/40, 40% of this amazing fight because I want this fight to happen. He doesn't have any excuses now not to take it. He can't say I've lowballed him offering 20% or 30%. I've offered the people 40%. Take it or leave it. Let us know."

So far, Joshua has been unusually quiet about the challenge. Yesterday, the former champions shared a quick message stating that he wasn't committing to the fight. At least, not online.

"Yea calm. I don’t do the online discussions just for clout, so if your really about it shout
258 MGM. I’ll be ready in December. Khalas."

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