UFC 277 Highlight Video: Nicolae Negumereanu Hammers Ihor Potieria

By Tudor Leonte  |  July 31, 2022  |  No Comments

Nicolae Negumereanu had to sweat to finish his fellow Ultimate Fighting Championship contestant in a 205-pound contest on the UFC 277 undercard.

After spending much of the opening round on the mat, Negumereanu (13-1, 4-1 UFC) found Ihor Potieria's distance in Round 2. Once he started hitting the mark, Negumereanu pressed on the accelerator and threw all sorts of attacks at Potieria (19-3, 0-1 UFC). A barrage of punches that made Potieria's mouthpiece fly and a knee sealed the deal for Negumereanu. The end came officially at 3:33 of the second frame. Negumereanu has reported victories in his latest four assignments.

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